Math Rocks: Mission #3: Goals

Reflecting on my goals this year, I know I want to grow! I want to grow my thinking on how children learn math! I want to grow my toolbox of strategies to share.

Since I am not in a classroom, I want to be able to share confidence in math instruction with the teachers I support so that the math classrooms that I visit are places of sharing, talking and laughter.

This is important because earlier in the week, I had stopped to get a soda at a fast food restaurant. My drink cost $1.07 so I gave the clerk $1.12. We were both so embarrassed when this young lady could not figure out the change. She used her fingers. Twice. She looked at me. I finally told her to keep the change.

I want every student I encounter to see the importance of mathematics and be mathematically confident. I want as many opportunities as possible to be available in their future.

Linda Porter, a teacher in a different workshop this week, summed up perfectly what we need to do to get students mathematizing their world. We were discussing how to plan to incorporate all of the Texas Math Process Standards in our instruction, when Linda said, “You cannot meet all the process standards unless you are allowing them {the students} to share their work with others.”

In the process of sharing, I want to hear talking and laughing and students having fun “playing” with math through the processes.

Hinderences are the same for every teacher, every year: Time. Since this is important, I will just have to declare my goals to the math blog world and ask you to share with me: How do you get students talking? How do you carve out and protect the time so that students can talk and share their thinking? I will share my discoveries, and I hope you do too!

3 thoughts on “Math Rocks: Mission #3: Goals

  1. I love the line: I want as many opportunities as possible to be available in their future. What a wonderful goal. Education opens doors, and we want as many as possible open to our students. I look forward to learning with your this year, Leilani!


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