Dear Teacher: Math Rocks #4 Twitter Challenge

I have been trying to tweet a bit more.  It is challenging as it is not always easy to tweet at work.  I did Tweet quite a bit during a workshop using Powerful Problem Solving by Max Ray.   This is my new favorite book, and I tweeted out several posts from the workshop.  And Max Ray tweeted us, too!

Since these were not actually within the time frame, it is cheating a bit, but I did participate in the #ElemMathChat.  I have joined this chat several times before, and it is always fun!

Finally, I am such a math nerd.   There is a news report hitting today about Los Angeles using “shade balls” to protect their dwindling water supply from evaporation. This article was full of opportunities to use and talk about large numbers!    I loved it!

Here is the Link:

3 thoughts on “Dear Teacher: Math Rocks #4 Twitter Challenge

  1. Leilani, I am so jealous that you got to go to a workshop with Max! His book is one of my favorites too! He and Annie will be leading a couple of #elemmathchat sessions this school year. I look forward to chatting with you there!

    I saw the news feed about the black balls. I didn’t make the math connection, but I was extremely impressed by the science behind something so simple!


  2. I’m excited that you join #ElemMathChat whenever you can, and it’s even more exciting that we’re seeing more and more Round Rock faces in the chat. Maybe you can try to recruit some folks from your new campus. 🙂


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