Dear Teacher: Math Rocks Mission #5: Collaboration Nation

I am really late on this mission.  School just started, and I have been really swamped with supporting teachers and making gentle suggestions to change teaching practice.  As a coach, my job is not to tell how to teach.  My colleagues are amazing teachers–I learn a lot from them every day.

In the rush of getting this ready, however, I notice many teachers resort to locating and then using lessons that have been created in a one-size-fits-all format.  This often takes form through Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT).  Before you jump all over me, please understand I am not against TPT.  I have used it and purchased a few lessons myself.  Unfortunately, I have also seen lesson plans that I created, and freely shared with another teacher being sold by someone else on TPT.  This bothers me.

Another issue is the lack of collaboration—I do not see collaboration occurring on TPT to the level that you see on many twitter chats, and other online resources.  So, here we go:

Dear Teacher,

The greatest tool you have in planning rigorous, differentiated instruction for your students is collaboration.  Teaching is hard work!  The load is easier, and you can really dig deep into the standards, really plan for student outcomes, and when you have several smart people working together, the results will astound you!   I found that I couldn’t wait to try out the lessons I had collaborated upon.  Then, I couldn’t wait to share the results with my team, and hear how they had tweaked the same lesson for THEIR students!   It was both energizing and inspiring.  I also knew that I had planned really targeted instruction for my students and had discussed more than one approach or series of questions.  I couldn’t do it alone.  Collaboration was the key.

As I was perusing some of my favorite folks on Twitter, I came across this fabulous blog that explained my feelings exactly, and even provided several resources that are freely shared.  Plus a few that are paid.   Check it out!   Expand and collaborate with amazing teachers from across the country, and even around the world!

The Math Twitter BlogoSphere (#MTBoS) is ready and waiting to collaborate and freely share great ideas!

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New Post: NYT – You blew it. A response to the tchrspaytchers advert they ran today.

@gwaddellnvhs, you said it perfectly!

Have a great week!   Leilani

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