Math Rocks Mission #6: Twitter Chatter, Subject Matter

Dear Teacher colleagues,

My favorite day of the week is now Thursday!  I have been lurking and sometimes participating in the Thursday evening Twitter chat #ElemMathChat.  (Thursday 8-9 pm central time)

If I’m pretty tired, I just lurk–I log in on Tweet Deck and just read and follow the conversations.

Other weeks, I participate and respond to questions from the moderators.  This has turned out to be a really intense form of collaboration.  Given the question, how will I make the math work and thinking available for my students?  I always come away with some really great ideas.  Some weeks, someone will share about a strategy I used to use, and then forgot about.  It is like finding treasure!

The most recent week, we discussed algebraic thinking.  It was thrilling to see so many people from #RRISD.  We shared ideas, and really had a good discussion to define algebraic thinking, and get down to the importance of really focused discussions with our students.  One of my favorite things to come out of the conversations was the importance of making sure that students were very precise with the words they use to describe their thinking.  The bonus with using precise words is that we are building vocabulary at the same time.

My best secret:   As a person a little intimidated by technology, I and found Tweet Deck to be really helpful.  Thanks Brian for suggesting it!  It puts your Twitter feed into four (or more) easy to read columns of activity.

This Thursday #ElemMathChat will be discussing getting deeper into measurement!  I can’t wait!

Have a great week!  Leilani

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