Math Rocks Mission #7: New Car Smell

Sad Face:  I didn’t have a classroom of my own to set up this year.  There is something about the new pens, folders, books, book boxes, and  fresh bulletin boards that feels just like “that new car smell”.  Full of possibilities–full of new relationships and learning journeys to take together.

Happy Face:  I got to help set up several classrooms this year.  No, they are not “mine” but being there in the moment, and helping the teachers get everything just right is a close second.   Some noticings:

  • Every teacher carefully thought out every decision to make sure that the space was used for the students.
  • Every teacher had a group meeting place, a place for individual work, book corners and math and science tools.
  • Every teacher wanted the best for their students!

My new school also does a welcome walk, where teachers travel to the home of each and every student to introduce themselves.  I’ve been on welcome walks as a teacher, but this was my first time as a travel partner.  The families have come to know that we do this, and there were parts of the neighborhood full of kids outside, waiting.   Our car would be swarmed when we parked…”Where are you going?”  They couldn’t wait to meet their teacher.

It takes about two hours to get to every home-and we are walking fast between-and have used route optimizer programs to plan the route.  One of our last homes was really difficult to find, but we were so glad we stuck to it:  The family had been waiting outside the whole two hours-waiting to say hello, and meet the fabulous teacher that will be influencing their child’s life for the next school year!

This was just as awesome as preparing my classroom.

To all my teacher colleagues out there, who are still in classrooms, I wish you a happy, fun and successful year of learning!


#RRMath Rocks

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