Dear Parent, AND Dear Teacher: Another, “natural” way to help your child succeed in math!

I was just at a workshop yesterday.   We watched a video clip from Andrew Stadel, who has created a fabulous website for bringing estimation into the classroom everyday.   For teachers, his website, has lessons that give students the opportunity to make estimates involving the everyday things in their world.  My Teacher Colleagues, I highly recommend this website!

He ended the talk with a message for parents.   He said to really help your child develop number sense, start by asking 3 simple questions:

How long?

How many?

How much?

For example, if you are waiting in line:   How many people are in front of us?  How long until it is our turn?  How much will it cost?

If you are walking somewhere:  How long until we get there?   How many feet?

When you are getting that Halloween candy ready, How many candies in the bag?

Look for the opportunities to ask your child these questions, so that math conversations become a natural part of your converations.

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