Math Rocks, Mission #8: Breaking the Cycle

Our challenge this week was to survey our students on their feelings about mathematics, but since I am a coach, I do not have that opportunity.  I have to gauge the feelings of the students and teachers that I work with on my “noticings”.   I look for bored faces, smiles and furrowed brows.   I listen for laughter, squeals, sighs or silence.

I LOVE math!  I think about numbers all the time.  I do problems in my head.  For fun.  Not everyone shares my enthusiasm, but it is MY mission to change that.  My goal every year is to have my students love math.  Or at least not hate it.

Now that I am coaching, my goal is to give the classrooms that I work within, the opportunities to see the value and beauty of math.  I want to see the teachers I support learn to enjoy teaching math, and the students to enjoy learning about math.

I look for opportunities to share games with students, get them up on their feet and moving around.  As time goes on, I am seeing more smiles, excited shouts of “I got it!”  I see students smile when they are encouraged to share THEIR thinking.  Slowly the cycle is being broken and challenged.  I see evidence that both teachers and students are enjoying math.

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