Dear Teacher: Curiosity Strikes!

Our district has a really awesome curriculum department that gives teachers timelines to follow in all content areas, and lots of lesson ideas to choose from.   They are really concerned that timelines be followed so that if a student moves from one school to another (an issue for us),  that student will still receive instruction in all standards.   The actual lessons that a teacher chooses, is up to them.
I received an email this morning from a teacher who has set up a wonderful class atmosphere.   Her students use signals, including a thinking signal.  There is nothing cuter than one of her little students sitting in a thinking pose.   She talks very little, except to ask questions.
When she was reviewing the addition math facts less than 10 yesterday, one of her students stumbled onto doubles.  She didn’t want to put off or shut down their curiosity, so they had a lovely discussion about them, and charted the other doubles that they noticed.   Then, she had a moment of panic because doubles don’t come in until the next unit.
I nearly tripped myself dashing out of my office and down to her room of thinkers.   Her students know she values curiosity and questions.  I encouraged her to continue feeding their curiosity–and let them explore doubles today.
Her students will know that we value their thinking as mathematicians, we value their curiosity and we value their thinking!
These little pearls of opportunity do come up, and when they do then we need to give ourselves permission to take advantage of those teachable moments………..It is a lot of fun!
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