The Journey of Math Rocks

The Journey of Math Rocks is drawing to a close….for now…

During this journey, I have been challenged to Tweet—-I enjoy that, especially the Thursday evening #ElemMathChat.   I just could never get to Tweeting too much.   Privacy concerns with my students keep me from putting too much out there.

I have been challenged to blog—I have enjoyed that, too.   My blog for me has given me a place to reflect, to share, and to address topics I see in my work as an instructional coach.  It also gave me a chance to right a homework wrong with my own children.   My growth as a teacher has led me to believe, strongly, that homework should be short.  Math homework should be confined to fluency practice, not problem solving. When solving rich problems, students need to be able to talk and collaborate with their peers at school.  The most important part of homework is reading.  Every night. Seven days a week, and whatever the student wants to read.  I want them to love reading.  I want them to be able to use their reading skills to access fabulous math problems!

I was challenged to be purposeful with my number talks—something have been doing for years anyway, but now my talks have a new life, and a new energy.  I was challenged to try Estimation 180—an intriguing website with problems I like to solve for myself…then find ways to adapt them for students.

We were also challenged to choose a word that means math to us.  I chose “wonder”.   As a human, I love numbers.  I think about them all the time, and I wonder what patterns are there.  I wonder what questions I can ask.  During this journey, I have worked to inspire students to wonder about math, and ask their own questions.

Finally, we were challenged to be curious.  I became curious as to how students think about math, how they approach problem solving.

It has been a fun and fulfilling journey.  Now it is time to share what I have learned and experienced so that even more students and teachers become curious and wonder about the math in their world.

#MathRocks   #RRISDElemMath   #Estimation180  #numbertalks  #wonderingaboutmath

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