Beginning of the Year Classroom Rituals: My reader-life!

Every teacher friend I know looks forward to the beginning of a new school year, both for the new-the pencils, pens, and notebooks, and the rituals.  Rituals like favorite books, welcome packets, back to school night, and most importantly, the rituals that create a classroom climate that is co-created by your students!

When I was in my classroom, my favorite beginning-of-the-year ritual was sharing about my reading life!

In our meeting space:  “Gather around Class, I’m going to share with you all about my reading life.”  Out comes my favorite books-the autographed copies, the picture book treasures, my favorite National Geographic or Texas Parks and Wildlife magazines.  Out comes my copy of Endurance:  Shackelton’s Incredible Voyage.  This may be my favorite book, ever!   It is way above my students’ level, so I have to have a few copies of  Antarctica: Journeys to the South Pole, so that they can read about Shackelton, too.  Finally, I pull out my cell phone, and quickly flip to all the reading I have tabbed there:  news, weather, Flipboard, and 2 e-readers filled with books about animals, cookbooks, and the classics.

I pass out the books I have brought and invite my new students to share about their reading life…..and we start making connections that will foster learning throughout the year!

How do you share about your reading life?


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