Have you tried SPLAT! by Steve Wyborney?

Browsing tweets last week, I stumbled upon a new blog and gift of AWESOME number sense lessons by Steve Wyborney!  He calls them “Splat!”

When I saw them, I knew I was on to something really special!

The next day, I shared them with a little over one hundred teachers in my district.  In his introductory blog, he has a video that explains the Splat! lessons and how they build in complexity.  Rather than explain it myself, we watched his video.  In each of the four sessions, the teachers gasped at the first Splat!  Really.  After the video, I showed them how easy it was to access and download the lessons.

Every group left sharing that the best thing of the day was Splat!   Way to go, Steve!

I have introduced Splat! to the teachers at my school as well.   Here is what happened:

Second Grade:

I started with the 3-10 SPLAT! slides.  I showed the first few slides…how many dots, how do you know? Then…..SPLAT!

Belly laughter–from deep down inside them, bubbling up and dancing in the air!   When you have laughter in math class, the filters of fear or “I can’t do this” disappear.   The students were so excited that they were sharing their thinking, and they couldn’t even stay in their seats.  They were standing, and laughing and talking.  It was so joyous!  It was so awesome for me to hear the deep thinking as they were explaining what was under that splat.  It was so much fun, we decided to do another one!   There was still laughter on the SPLAT! moment, but they were anticipating what would happen so we had a count down and they called out “splat” at just the right moment!   Again, deep thinking and every student was participating and actively engaged.  There are sometimes behavior issues in this class, but not during Splat!

First Grade:

I started with the 3-10 Splat! slides.   Again, great discussions, great partner talk.   There was connection to the quick images work we had done previously, so these students knew they had to tell us how they knew how many dots.   We were able to formatively assess some here, as well.  Some students needed to count all the dots, some recognized a group, then counted on, and some saw groups and “just knew it”.  They enjoyed this immensely, and the teacher is looking forward to trying it with the “Numbers to 20” set.

Fifth Grade:

Splat! is for upper grades, too!   Anything that Steve Wyborney does, always includes entry points for all grade levels and builds in complexity.  This grade began with “Multiple Splats”.  At first, they were hesitant…the work seemed a bit easy, but then, we asked them to explain their thinking.  We were able to get to some really precise language about multiplication and division.  Finally, on the slide that has the transparent splat, we asked them:  How could we represent this Splat! with an equation?  Oh, My!   We uncovered a great many misconceptions, especially around the use of parenthesis and order of operations.   (Grade 5 in our state standards includes both of these.)  We kept with it and ended up spending a solid 15 minutes discussing why certain equations would work and why others would not. We can’t wait for the next Splat!

Link to Steve Wyborney’s blog

Try Splat! with your students.  Be sure to comment on Steve’s blog so he knows we appreciate how much work went in to providing us with this AWESOME FREE RESOURCE!

Share how you used it with your students!  Let’s learn together!

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