CAMT 2017, Fort Worth Texas

I recently attended CAMT, Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching.  Best Conference EVER!

There were two big ideas that ran throughout the workshops that I attended:

The first big idea was that mathematics must make sense.  We can put all the pretty fonts, and cute pictures, but if we are not purposeful with our planning to help our students make sense of the math, we haven’t really helped them grow.   Keynote speaker Sandra Herbst got us giggling, and brought our process standards to life!   But still, the math must make sense.

My personal highlight of the whole event was meeting my math hero, Annie Fetter (@MFAnnie).  Her number one mission in life might be creating opportunities for math to make sense to students.  A dream come true:  I got to attend one of her featured sessions.  She did not disappoint!   Asking students to describe what they notice, inviting them to wonder and ask questions……it was all there!   It turns out that her videos available at the youtube channel “Math Forum” are little glorious little summaries of her important ideas.  Check them out!

A personal favorite:


And finally, my all-time personal favorite:

I love this one because is is about letting our students know what we care about–that we actually like math!


The second Big Idea from CAMT came from the first day Keynote Speaker, Ken Williams.  (@unfoldthesoul) I am so sad that every educator, math or otherwise, could not hear his wisdom.  His whole talk was full of little gems to hold to our teacher hearts: “Every time we base our expectations on limiting labels, we take another step toward land of Ts being obsolete.”  “No teacher has ever referred to a student as ‘low,’ and expected them to learn at high levels.” “Labels are fine until they change our expectations. When we label Ss it is usually to limit them.”


CAMT was an inspiring 3 days and I can’t wait to read more from Ken Williams and hear more from Annie!

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