I lived in Los Angeles for a time in the ‘80s, and grew to love a couple of guys on the radio.  In the ‘90’s, as I still followed them, they coined a phrase “EGBOK”.  It stands for “Everything’s Gonna Be OK.”   You could even get buttons or T-shirts.  Anytime life got a little rough, someone would say “EGBOK”.  It was part of the common language at the time.


I realised today, that I got the gift of EGBOK as I begin this new year.  Like teachers everywhere, the beginning of a new school year is full of emotions–highs and lows.  You have a fresh start—a high, followed by new teachers and new students—a low, a high and everything in between.  Data is coming in from last year–a definite bit of stress, and then you have to get your classroom ready, attend meetings, professional development, more meetings, get your own kids ready, and readjust from having some glorious and well-earned time off.


I have a new AP this year.  What a gift she has turned out to be!  She is calm, sensible, and knowledgeable.  She loves kids and wants what’s best for them.  While I was talking to her, I just felt better.


When I got back to my desk, I realized, she is like an EGBOK button.  Everything IS going to be ok.  It will be a little crazy for a while, but I have an amazing team of teachers to work with, and there are people to collaborate with and share the load.


My next thought was:  We need to be EGBOK buttons for our students!  They have a new class, with different kids, new teacher, new school supplies to get, maybe they are changing schools.  Maybe they live in circumstances that mean they don’t get new supplies.  It is OK.  Maybe they are filled with anxiety because they struggle to learn.  It is OK.  Their teacher is going to love them. Their teacher is going to support them.  We will be the EGBOK buttons for our students…that little place of calm, and caring where they will know in their hearts that everything really is going to be ok.


We got this!   EGBOK!  


#EGBOK    #ILOVEmyNewAP  #newschoolyear         

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