My first Ed-Camp Experience!

I had never been to an Ed-Camp before.   It was like taking what I knew about PD and turning it inside out.  Gone were the HOURS of prep.  Instead, I joined a community of about 120 people at Region 13.  As we arrived, we were fed breakfast, and we started making connections with people.  We were also asked to use one color sticky for something we would like to learn about, and another color sticky to indicate something we could share information about.


I ended up facilitating rich discussions on innovative math strategies.  I just shared my favorites, all blogged about here before, Splat!, Estimation 180, open middle problems, and numberless word problems.  Then, others shared their ideas.  In this session, I ended up doing a lot more talking than I thought I would, but there was still a great deal of sharing going on.

In the second session I facilitated, I really only got the group discussion on supporting ELLs started.  The session took off and there was such rich discussion from teachers and educational leaders (coaches, curriculum folks, and administrators) I just sat and absorbed it all like a sponge.  I got some great ideas, and shared a few, too.  I shared about my favorite book, Talk Read Talk Write by Nancy Motley.  The tip I took fits right in where we are going with our ELL PLC this year.  We will be asking observers to look for specific supports such as posted vocabulary and sentence stems.  The suggestion was to add asking observers look for collaboration strategies, too!  So simple, yet so powerful!  It adds purpose to what we do every day!

I also attended a session on how to do Hyper-docs, which may be one of those life-changing things…..but the BEST session of the day, was the very first session I attended by Margret Daniels.  She teaches at the Boys Preparatory School in Austin.  She is an amazing teacher and human being.  Her session was fun and informative!   At the end of Ed-Camp while they were drawing door prizes, Margaret and I sat together and chatted.  I learned so much from her.   I also felt like I had a new BFF/colleague in education.  This is what Ed-Camp is really about.  Making connections to people and collaborating about common issues.

I will be looking for addition Ed-Camps to attend!  I can’t wait!!!

#EdCamp    #Region13       #collaboration          #newfriends          #MargaretDanielsRocks!!

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