Going Back Again

One of the perks of being an instructional coach is going into classrooms and co-teaching with fabulous teachers.   

I arrived as the second grade students were doing an introductory activity with polyhedron.   The teacher had given each student a collection of pictures of 3-D objects.  The students were invited to sort them in any manner that they would like and label their sorts right on their desks.  Most chose to sort by polyhedron and non-polyhedron.  There were some that sorted by vertices-no vertices, polygon faces-non-polygon faces, numbers of faces, and descriptions of bases.

Next, the teacher gave clear, simple directions for a gallery walk.  While the children walked around and looked at each other’s work, the teacher and I talked quickly about what they would do when they got back to their seats. We decided to ask them to look at their own work, and decide if they wanted to make any changes or revisions to their work.

This turned out to be very powerful.   We watched students happily erase previous work to sort in a different way they hadn’t thought of. ( Most of the time, students hesitate at erasing their work!)   As they worked, we kept asking them questions, and watched amazed at how much further their thinking and explanations went.   There was a buzz throughout the room.  100% of the students were on task and engaged in great conversations.  

If she had not asked them to go back again, they wouldn’t have gotten the chance to explore new ideas and try out new vocabulary.  They wouldn’t have had the chance to justify their thinking for a more complex sort.   

When they wrote about what they did, many wrote how they had changed their sorts, and explained what they learned!



This is a great example of a little change that has powerful results!

#GoingBackAgain    #courage   #polyhedra         #powerfulStrategies

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