Favorite Blogs to follow

Steve Wyborney is tops on my favorite list!

His site:  SteveWyborney.com.

What’s in here:   Splat! for starters.   Watch the video all about it.  Then do it with your students!!!!  I’ve blogged about it before, but it rates another mention.   Your students will enjoy it so much they won’t realize they are doing math.  Take it deeper by asking students to write mathematical equations for each Splat! represented.

The Maze Hundreds Chart:  an animated version of the hundreds chart that will lead to deep thinking about number relationships.

Another favorite of Steve’s.  Providing Massive Space to Notice:    This is an animation that lets you create 9 identical dot patterns in about 10 seconds.  I’ve used it with kinder students to identify number patterns, and older students to write equations using order of operations.

Robert Kaplinsky:  Roberts webpage

Here, you will find his blogs, and his work on various types of math problems, including “open middle problems.”    You’ll also find questioning and depth of knowledge resources.

Dan Myer:  http://blog.mrmeyer.com/

I always learn something here!   Lot’s of cool animation of tough math concepts.  This link is well worth the time as it links successful learning with attributes of video games.  Our world today needs this innovation!   Check out his 3 act task resources!!!

More 3-Act Tasks:          Graham Fletcher’s 3-act resources. 

Brian Bushart:   Blog:  Teaching to the Beat of a Different Drummer

What’s here:  Brian’s blogs are ALWAYS worth the time to read and reflect upon.  He also has parent resources, fraction resources and numberless word problem resources.  Numberless word problems changed my teaching of math entirely!!!!

Andrew Staedel:  Estimation 180.   You gotta check this out!!!!!